Hole in One

Did he or didn’t Trump say he didn’t want people coming here from “shithole countries?”

I don’t know because the last people I would trust to tell me are Democrats like Dick Durbin and media hordes from CNN. On our side, Senators Tom Cotton and David Perdue deny they ever heard him say it.

Pro Trump people will not be objecting and the haters will continue their outrage. I, for one, am tired of constant outrage. It gets less effective each time they do it. And should I be outraged over someone wanting two scoops of ice cream at dinner? Does that define the person? Good God where are we?

Many people think Trump said it on purpose. Rush Limbaugh is saying this afternoon that by the one mention Trump has redirected peoples’ attention to the issue while showing the country that he will not be swayed to stop his promise of the wall and an end to chain migration.

I suspect many people feel like this commentator:

Trump is a stable genius and a master communicator and negotiator. He plays the Leftist-Traitor-infested media like Horowitz played a Steinway. Anyone with half a brain and a smidgen of common sense and self-awareness would do anything to avoid stepping into the ring with PDJT; hell, I wouldn’t play Rock’em Sock’em Robots with Baron and I used to box. The liberal media is proving to the country they are mentally unstable non-geniuses by the day and hour. Whether he said it or not, now not only is everyone wondering why we’re importing hordes from shitholes, but Trump is making it safe to say what one thinks again; he’s paving the road out of the shithole country known as “Political Correctness” and liberating an entire people (America) from its stench. Thank you God Emperor. God bless you and keep you and your family safe from the plots and machinations of The Enemy.

I notice that Trump has a pattern to what he does with big issues. Take getting rid of Obamacare and the tax cut proposal. First, he is reasonable with all parties. He acts as if he assumes the bill(s) will be passed. He encounters opposition and the deal is nixed. He will say something outrageous and it ends up bringing the parties back to the table. And then he gets what he wants.

Perhaps this is what is happening here. Earlier this week he told both the Democrats and Republicans he was willing to take the heat from the issue.

He’s taking plenty of heat – for now.

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