Monumental Fascist Move

Barack Obama recently released the image of his presidential library in Chicago. Here it is:

The hideousness of it is probably appropriate to his hideous presidency.

Notice that it’s not so much a library as a monument. Just a library wouldn’t be enough for such a consequential president. It’s really a complex – a 20 acre one – something dictators like to do.

The tower’s shape is based on a photograph of four hands coming together, Obama explained. There will be a center comprised of three main buildings: a library, forum and tower making a U shape around a public plaza used for events. The museum/tower represents “ascension, hope and what ordinary people have the power to do together,” Obama said. Parking, a children’s play area and an athletics center are also part of the plan.

But wait – there’s more.

The center will also have a community garden (Michelle’s obsession transferred here), a “test kitchen” and a recording studio. At the studio visitors will be able to “create their own songs, speeches, short films, and interviews,” according to the Foundation’s website. Obama bragged that Steven Spielberg and Spike Lee and musicians like Chance the Rapper and Bruce Springsteen will offer seminars in creating movies and music.

There will be a recreation area with basketball courts, a restaurant and food courts.

It will be a place where a community can come together and take actions, according to O.

And plan their rebellion against Republicans, I imagine.

But guess what’s not in it.

From the National Review:

It seems Obama is once again taking executive power for granted: His library will neither contain his presidential documents, which have all been digitized, nor be administered by the National Archives and Records Administration — the two elements required of a presidential library. In fact, the Obama Foundation has named it the Obama Presidential “Center,” and the only books it might contain would come from the Chicago Public Library. In other words, it’s not really a presidential library at all. It is, in Obama’s words, a “gift to the community” that will spread his message. The Foundation explains this on its website by pointing out that the center itself will be a living testament to the values of Obama’s presidency. It boasts that the center’s design takes into account the expressed views of “Chicagoans like you,” and that the Foundation will “continue to ask for and incorporate your feedback every step of the way.”

Except Chicagoans have not warmed to the plan.

The site of Jackson Park for the library has irked residents. They fear the project will force out longtime minority residents and ruin the park’s enjoyment for them. They say they don’t want the garden, kitchen and recording studio. They’d rather have their public park, low cost housing and their own culture, according to newspaper reports.

That won’t matter. It never does to dictators. The people is not what they’re really about. It’s power.

The complex reminds me of that kind of building that went on in Fascist Italy, Germany and the Soviet Union. Barren, overdone and presumptuous as this similar monument that Mussolini created for himself.

You could say it’s a hand, too, or a finger on it.

Mussolini’s monument:

Remember that Obama, too, was going to totally “transform the United States of America.” Mussolini thought he’d transform Italy, too.

Thank goodness Obama only had eight years.

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