Lost His Head?

Ryan Poe writes on twitter: “Former Memphis mayor A C Wharton speaks at the funeral of businessman & politico Jack Morris, comparing him to St. Thomas More.”

This is a tantalizing snippet. I can’t find any other mention of this on the internet, but I would greatly like an explanation.

I didn’t know Jack Morris and salute him if he led a saintly life, but St. Thomas More? Did Morris get his head cut off because he stood up against a king or ruler because he refused to throw his values over for the king’s convenience?

What does AC Wharton know that we don’t? I think this would have been a big story because anyone getting his head cut off today would be Page 1 news even at the CA.

Maybe the former mayor is the one who has lost his head in hyperbole or else does not know history.

How much more bizarre could this be? Morris was a Democrat so that must raise him to a higher level than the rest of us can appreciate.

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