The Joke’s on Conan

Late night host Conan O’Brien thought he’d show up President Trump by going to Haiti. He wanted to show that Haiti is not the “shithole country” Trump allegedly called it. Here’s O’Brien enjoying his dig:

But sometimes these stunts backfire.

It was reported that this shot was taken from inside the Wahoo Bay Beach Resort. It’s a luxury hotel that costs $254 a night, which is more than half a Haitian’s annual income.

Perhaps he was reluctant to go into areas right off of the country since sewer systems aren’t operative there. Men go into the sewers with buckets to get the waste and it gets dumped in the ocean. That’s a problem with recent cholera outbreaks. I doubt O’Brien wanted to take that chance.

Many people were also offended at the photo of a rich, white man flaunting his image in a country where the average Haitian deals with poverty, hunger and disease.

Photoshopped pictures like this popped up on Twitter:

Looks like the joke backfired.

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