SCS New Poster Boy

I haven’t seen this billboard, but it’s up somewhere as pointed out on Nextdoor.

A Nextdoor Neighbor writes: “As you consider your vote for the upcoming school board elections, I thought you might find the current SCS narrative interesting. Math? History? Economics? English? A Trade? Science? Nah…. , but we offer up this…”

Rapper Gotti’s had several skirmishes with the law and arrests.

Here are some comments:

“My son showed this to me the other day. It is nice to know that out of all the African Americans who have graduated from our Memphis/Shelby County High Schools; Yo Gotti is the poster boy…. JFC!!!! Thank God, my son is in private school…..”

“My fear is for all these kids that can’t afford private school. Honestly, I am SHOCKED that someone with purchasing and decision making authority at SCS decided this was a good idea. We have a struggling district with many failing schools and we should be trying to win kid’s hearts and minds with a narrative about getting a good education as it is the key to moving up in the world. This is an increasingly difficult sell, though, because in so many of our most disadvantaged communities there is a growing belief that the only way to make it is through sports or music, despite the fact that the vast, vast, vast majority of people don’t have the talent for that. But, of course, everyone has the chance to find success through education. Despite these well understood facts though, our district actually advertises to promote the exact opposite narrative our kids need! Absolutely amazing. It is such a telling indication of the abject lack of leadership we must have in the district’s administration to allow this to occur. It’s inexcusable.”


“Would it not be better to use Walter Bailey (attorney, county commissioner), his deceased brother D’Army Bailey( attorney and Judge), Mayor AC Wharton(Public Defender), Dr. and Mayor WW Herenton, Dr. J O Patterson and his father before him, Dr. Cleo Kirk, DDS, Anfree “Penny” Hardaway… The list of people to look up to is long and should be respected. What was the Shelby County School Board thinking?
On a quick search on his biography, I could not find where Yo Gotti (Mario Mims) even graduated from Trezevant High School….”

What a contrast to the Jubilee Schools working in the ghettos that will be forced to shut down next year!

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