CA Continues to Push Leftist

I have mentioned before that the morning newspaper is obviously pushing a favorite candidate. They never miss an opportunity to mention this extreme leftist and put her in the spotlight.

Recently they had a big picture of Tami Sawyer on a front page of a section. Today we get her mentioned twice in two different front page stories.

She is quoted in a story about the removal of the Yo Gotti billboard. Gotti, a thug, was put up as a successful product of the Shelby County Schools. Not surprisingly, many people objected and they took it down.

Sawyer never takes off her racism glasses and that’s her take on it. She says, “By telling kids Yo Gotti isn’t worthy of a billboard, you’re insinuating to a lot of them that they aren’t worthy as well. Right now all they know is Gotti is rich and on TV and the radio.”

You can bet she knows that he also has a reputation as someone who has engaged in alleged criminal activities. I’m sure that scores with gang members.

Somehow I don’t think Gotti is the kind of role model Martin Luther King envisioned for black youths.

Then Sawyer is also in the story about the court ruling on Confederate statues. A chancellor barred the Greenspace group from selling, gifting or moving the statues. The issue now moves to the state Historical Commission.

Sawyer doesn’t like that. She was quoted as saying “the trend of our state protecting statues more than people (continues).

I’m surprised she wasn’t consulted and quoted in the other Page 1 story about the King statue moving to a more prominent location. Who messed up?

Don’t forget that CA editor Mark Russell is a militant Leftist. He’s pushing the paper over a cliff in this direction. Note how many stories attack Trump/Republicans/conservatives. This is a daily occurrence.

Russell sees Sawyer as a way to get his extreme positions into government. Sawyer is running for the District 7 position in the County Commission. Looks like he’s doing everything he can to help her.

So much for objective journalism, but you know that.

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