Presenting the Obamas

The official Obama portraits were revealed today.

They need to be put in a corner or basement of the White House. Who would want to look at these?

Here’s Obama:

What a strange portrait! Why is he almost covered by a creeping vine? Why is he on a wooden chair?

Obviously, the artist was trying to draw attention to Obama’s green policies. At least I think so. But the first thing that came to mind with all those vines was all the strangling regulations he put on businesses and the American people.

The New York Times elucidates on the plant life, saying “flowers that have symbolic meaning: African blue lilies for Kenya, his father’s birthplace; jasmine for Hawaii, where Mr. Obama was born; chrysanthemums, the official flower of Chicago, for the city where his political career began.”

Rather banal, isn’t it?

You can’t help but think, by the positioning, that he is sitting outside of a garden. The look on his face isn’t happy. Kind of like one of the devils thrown out of paradise when they rebelled.
The New York Times sees it differently. “Mr. Wiley depicts Mr. Obama not as a self-assured, standard-issue bureaucrat, but as an alert and troubled thinker.”

Did we have any president quite as self assured and in love with himself as Obama? Or one that was as much of a bureaucrat, planting his executive orders and stooges throughout the government? Alert is just not another word I’d apply to him, nor did I think he was a troubled thinker. He seemed to delight in the pain he caused us.

The portrait also looks like he’s on the toilet.

As for Michelle, here’s her depiction:

Odd, too. It looks like her face was cut out from a photograph and plopped on the body. It’s unusually flat looking.
She doesn’t look happy, but she never did smile that much unless she was telling kids to eat their kale or disparaging a Republican candidate.

Guess she couldn’t resist the urge to show off those big arms of hers. Her hips are hidden by that enormous patchwork quilt.

Again, the New York Times sees it differently: “Amy Sherald’s take on Mrs. Obama emphasizes an element of couturial spectacle (with a dress designed by Michelle Smith) and rock-solid cool.”

I think it will look rock solid dated in a few decades.

But, we are assured that the artist is a social justice warrior artist. Whatever that means.

Neither portrait expresses the Obamas with any warmth, compassion or enlightenment.

They’ll be sitting on the sidelines like that throughout the march of American history. Obama said he’d lead from behind. Now he’s just sitting on his.

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