All Downhill for Vonn

Skiier Lindsey Vonn, a darling of the media types, slammed President Trump before the Olympics. She said that she would not go to the White House if she won a gold medal.

She hasn’t. Much to the delight of pro Trumpers, she didn’t even get near the podium.

Vonn tweeted: “Frustrating to be so close to the podium and to have made such a big mistake…but that’s ski racing. I’m proud of the way I skied and how I attacked the course. I gave it my all and came up short. That’s life. Now it’s on to the Downhill! 💪🏻”

She got a big response. Here’s a sampling:
“Your president was watching. You let him down. Karma”

“You don’t stand for our President? We don’t stand for you. #StandByOurPresident #WeAreMiddleClass #GetOffYourHighHorse”

“Maybe you should have focused on your sport more instead of foolishly bashing our American President right before the Olympics…”

“How sad an un-American like you represents our country. God bless our beloved @POTUS & @FLOTUS. You? Not at all. #NoDACA #FireSalcido #BoycottTheView #BoycottNFL #BoycottMacys”

“Arrogant princess @lindseyvonn was given a sponsorship deal by @Hersheys chocolate. If you think Lindsey Vonn is the Jane Fonda of sports, you can boycott Hersheys Chocolate.”

“Hey Lindsey- maybe u should focus on your skiing instead of disrespecting our President and being unpatriotic. U think there is a connection between that and u losing? I do. MAGA”

“Sweet u failed to medal. Glad u didn’t get hurt. Hope u stumble out the gate on downhill. Don’t get hurt or injured #LindseyNotMyRep”

But Hollywood was quick to come to her defense.

Here’s what Ed Asner tweeted:

“You could say the same about life. May we all have the poise, grace and ability to pull ourselves up that you have. You are a hero.”

By the way, what has Ed Asner done lately?

Vonn is also starring in Bounty paper towel ads.

She does have another chance to medal Tuesday night. It will be interesting to see what happens.

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