Anthem Missing from Olympics, Too?

I have taped the Olympic games on NBC so that I can zip through the over the top commentary, ads and boring events, so I may have missed something.

In past years, viewers got to see the medal awards ceremony in which the top gold, silver and bronze winners stood on a podium while an Olympics official placed a ribbon with a medal on it around their necks. As they did so, the national anthem of each was played.

I have not seen one of those ceremonies yet.

Is it inattention on my part or an NBC policy to further subvert patriotism in this country? Did they catch the NFL take a knee to the anthem fever? Are we supposed to be embarrassed when our country’s citizens win for their excellence?

The last thing NBC and other mainstream outlets want is for Americans to feel good about their country and proud of it. After all, it might make smaller countries feel bad about themselves (although Germany and Norway seem to be kicking us in the medal counts).

I wouldn’t put it past the networks in their all consuming Trump hatred to skip the anthem. They know it annoyed Trump with the NFL; why not do it here? After all, everyone should feel as bad as they and Hillary do about the election loss to the Left.

Maybe that’s one reason Olympic viewership is down. What’s the point if you don’t rally for your country?

Add to that the abysmal coverage by NBC and the fawning over North Korean dictator Kim’s sister, again a punch in the gut to freedom loving Americans. The elevation of Trump hating skiier Lindsey Vonn hasn’t helped much either.

This isn’t the time or place for politics, but there it is again, as with the NFL, spoiling sportsmanship.

Even with the worst ratings for Olympics ever, don’t expect NBC to learn anything from this. They won’t “learn” anything until their networks collapse.

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