‘Immigrants Get the Job Done’

So said a New York Times columnist when American skater Mirai Nagasu did a triple axel in the women’s skating competition.

“Conservative columnist” and op ed writer Bari Weiss tweeted, “Immigrants: They get the job done.”

She got clobbered.

She answered back, “Do you need another sign of civilization’s end? Here’s one: I tweeted “Immigrants: we get the job done” with a video of Mirai Nagasu’s triple axel. The line is a Hamilton reference. I know she was born in Cali. Her parents are immigrants. I was celebrating her and them.

“For this tweet I am being told I am a racist, a ghoul and that I deserve to die. So I deleted the tweet. That’s where we are.”

It’s sad that an American skater is still regarded by the Left – and I believe that’s what she really is – as an immigrant, aka outsider. I would see her as American as anyone else and American first. The Left just can’t rid themselves of labels and identity politics. Everyone has to fit into a category.

And why would an “immigrant” get the job done better than an average American? Isn’t that insulting to black Americans, too, unless they truly were from Africa or the Caribbean? There’s a built in assumption that Americans are inferior that greatly offends.

This is the house the left has built and it’s increasingly becoming a prison of their own making. They seem to want to outvictim one another. As for freedom of speech, it only exists in the orbit of their political correctness. Venture out of it and suddenly it’s not free speech, but microagressions, threats and offenses.

The very groups that claim to love diversity really don’t. Maybe that’s why our newspapers, TV and entertainment have hit the skids. There is only one story to tell and that is of the worthlessness of America and Americans and their racial/homophobic/misogynistic/xenophobic guilt.

Unfortunately it has carried over to the Olympics as well.

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