Where’s Lou Dobbs?

As a fan of Fox Business’ Lou Dobbs, I have wondered why he hasn’t been on for several weeks. The anchors replacing him have not explained.

Since we live in a world of accusations, dismissals for political views and secrets, their not saying anything arouses suspicion. Vacation would explain a week, but more than that with no explanation becomes odd.

People asked on twitter and Dobbs himself finally answered. He tweeted, “Thanks to all for your kindness and concern, and your loyalty as always to the show. I’ve had a medical issue to deal with and have been recuperating on the farm. All has gone well, and I’m anxious to get back to the show this coming Monday. Thanks again, and see you then.”

Stuart Varney has been off since he’s been ill; Charles Payne was off for months until a sexual harassment decision was made; Deirdre Bolton was MIA for a year or more and now Dobbs.

I don’t know what “the farm” is, but I hope it’s his and the issue minor.

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