Trudeau Offends Indians

Our neighbor to the north, Canada, had Prime Minister Justin Trudeau go to India. The trip was probably because he knows the NAFTA negotiations aren’t going his way and he’s trying to seek out trade where he can. A little late, because President Trump already has formed a good relationship with the Indian Prime Minister.

Anyhow, Mr. Trudeau thought it would be cool to dress in Indian clothes.

It didn’t go over so well with them, however.

The Daily Mail reports:

Justin Trudeau has been ridiculed on social media by Indians for his ‘tacky’ and over the top outfit choices while on his first visit to their nation as Prime Minister.

While many praised his clothing during the first two days of his trip, patience was wearing thin by the time he attended a Bollywood gala on Tuesday night, before the tide turned against him on Wednesday.

Ministers, authors, journalists and ordinary Indians lined up to mock him on Wednesday, saying his wardrobe was ‘fake and annoying’.

Ya think?

By the way, isn’t this a cultural appropriation the Left rails against?

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