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If you do not read the comments after a story online, you are often missing the best point.

Americans are insightful and intelligent in their comments on conservative sites. It gives you hope for the future.

Here are a few I encountered recently on a variety of topics:

The Olympics:

Tad Cynical comments: “The Olympics used to be about the winner of the race, now they are about the race of the winner. What a shame….”

On the Parkland High school student who has been CNN’s new best bud:

HaveGunWillTravel: “David Hogg is the best NRA recruiter and fundraiser since Charlton Heston.”

On celebrities:

“The election of Donald Trump has been a gigantic litmus test for America. It is said that true character is revealed only under duress. If that’s so, then this country is filled with a whole lot of people who present well in the day-to-day world when things are going their way. But when the fates don’t favor them, they’re revealed to be namby-pamby embarrassments, with dubious reasoning skills, largely indefensible positions, hearts full of hypocrisy and hatred, and a dumb-assery that is fast becoming legend. (Here’s to you, Joss Whedon, Robert De Niro, Meryl Streep, Judd Apatow, Kathy Griffin, Rosie O’Donnell, LeBron James, Eminem, Chelsea Handler, Stephen King, etc.)”

On Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner supposedly getting edged out by Trump:

“That Bezos’ Bozos at the Washington comPost simply made up the story out of whole cloth — perhaps to please their tax-evading, community-and-small-business-destroying, corrupt and evil paymaster, the richest man in the world — and are, as usual, just lying through their teeth.”
On European open borders:

“And all of that is before considering the real purpose behind the invasion – hijrah, or islamic conquest of Western Civilization through immigration.

“The Germans are joining Scandinavia, England, and France in committing suicide by islam. Only Poland, Hungary, The Czech Republic, and perhaps finally Austria understand what is really taking place and are taking steps to keep the muslims out.”

“Still Angela Merkel hangs on in Germany, Manny Macaroni was elected in France, and London has a muslim mayor. Add in the moronic pronouncements of pope Carlos Marx I and today we have the political antithesis of Reagan, Thatcher, and John-Paul.”

“The message to the USA, outside of Mexafornia, is clear. Now, the question is does anyone see the inevitable if mass deportations do not commence, the anchor babies be formally prohibited birthright citizenship, chain migration prohibited, the nightmares sent home, the jihadis refused entry, and the prisons emptied of the illegals (also returned home, by parachute if necessary)?

“Turning the First World into the Third World, or worse is a really stupid thing for otherwise smart people do do. Destruction through diversity is a painful way to lose a civilization, and the greatest nation in history.

“The hour is getting late…”

“Merkel is on track to achieve what any good Communist from the old East Germany would have sought – the downfall of the West.”

“One wonders what is in the minds of national and state and local leaders who open their borders and subject their citizens (whom they are sworn to protect) to whatever these hordes are bringing in.”

On Trump’s tariffs on steel and aluminum:

“First, Electing Trump, the markets would crash worse than in ´29. Then the SCOTUS appointment- it was going to end the Constitution. Then the immigration ban- It would make the United States the enemy of every nation on Earth. Then the Paris accord quit- The seas would boil, the oceans rise, polar bears in Florida, the Tax relief bill- millions of poor people would starve, workers would only get crumbs, the government would go broke- none of that happened. Now, President Trump wants to bring jobs back to America and force cheating trade partners to even the playing field of NAFTA- OMG! Trump is going to bring on the Great Depression, but this time on steroids! We´re all gonn´a die! Waaa!”

“What is wrong with these people? Do they get their history from Marvel Comics? Are they really that GD stupid?”

At least a great percentage of intelligent Americans see through the media crap.

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