What to Watch Election Night

Will tomorrow’s election be a wave, a hurricane or a tsunami? A few key races will let us know early in the night.

Here are a list of interesting races that you’ll want to watch and when the results should come in.

The first polls close in Kentucky and Indiana at 5 p.m. Central time. In the Senate race, that means Rand Paul. Can anything have been dumber than the Aqua Buddha argument of Jack Conway? In the House race for Indiana, see if Baron Hill goes down to defeat. His is one of the races where the Democrats helped a libertarian become a candidate in hopes of torpedoing the Republican’s chances. Hill is also one of the few who voted for cap and trade.

Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Vermont, Virginia and Mississippi close at 6 p.m. We will see if Marco Rubio has been successful in his two year Senate campaign. Also in Florida, Alan Grayson, famous for telling us that Republican health care is that they want “you to die quickly.” In Virginia, Tom Perriello is working hard to keep his seat and is one of the candidates who welcomed Obama at his rally. Another is Jim Moran, a longtime Democrat congressman who’s been a thorn in the side of Republicans. He’s a big lib and after the Virginia Tech Massacre blamed the NRA and George W. Bush. He’s also held a strong anti-war view. Rick Boucher is another Virginian who will have to get over his cap and trade vote in a district that produces coal. In Mississippi, Democrat Gene Taylor is in danger of losing his seat and Travis Childers is being challenged by Alan Nunelee in Desoto County.

At 6:30 polls close in North Carolina, Ohio and West Virginia. All eyes will be on the Raese/Manchin senate race in West Virginia. Whichever one wins this will be immediately seated in the Senate and will vote in the lame duck session due to the death of Robert Byrd. In Ohio, the governor’s race pits incumbent Democrat Ted Strickland against GOP favorite John Kasich. Left of left congressman Dennis Kucinich is another Ohio incumbent who would be sweet to see lose his office.

At 7, 19 states, including our own and Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Michigan, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts and Missouri close their voting.

Paul Kanjorski in Pennsylvania is one of the Democrats who refused to hold townhall meetings concerning the health care reform. “I don’t want nuts to hit me with a camera,” he said. In the Senate race, we’ll want to see if Pat Toomey can defeat Joe Sestak.

Michigan races include John Dingell, whose family has held that seat since the 1930s; Gary Peters running against Republican Rocky Raczkowski; and the up for grabs Bart Stupak seat that Republican Dan Benishek hopes to capture.

The senate races in Connecticut, Illinois, Delaware and Missouri will give us a good indicator of who will hold the Senate. Linda McMahon, Mark Kirk, Christine O’Donnell and Roy Blunt are the Republican hopefuls.
In Illinois, there are some other interesting house races. Phil “I don’t care about the Constitution” Hare; Melissa Bean, whose opponent Joe Walsh objected to the League of Women Voters’ refusal to say the pledge of allegiance; and Jan Schakowsky whose radical husband helped write the health care reform bill from prison face tough races.

There have been whispers that House Majority leader Steny Hoyer of Maryland could be in trouble. Also tight polling between Republican Sean Bielat and powerful Congressman Barney “Fannie & Freddie” Frank whose district went for Republican Scott Brown in January. Check to see if Patrick Deval, the prototype for the Obama 08 campaign, can keep his governorship in a state that gave the Kennedy Senate seat to Scott Brown.

Arkansas polls close at 7:30, although it looks like Blanche Lincoln will go down in defeat.
At 8, New York, Colorado, Wisconsin, New Mexico, Louisiana, Kansas, Minnesota and Rhode Island close.
In Minnesota, Michelle Bachmann, who Nancy Pelosi targeted as the Republican she’d most like to defeat, should cruise to easy victory. Let’s hope radical congresswoman Betty McCollum, who declared that Al Qaeda is no longer a threat, goes down to defeat. Joseph Cao, the New Orleans Republican who voted for the health care reform the first time, may lose his spot.

In New York, aside from their gubernatorial race which looks like Cuomo will win, also has Sean Hannity friend John Gomez challenging Steve Israel and Democrat Maurice Hinchey, who assaulted a reporter who tried to ask him questions, trying to keep his seat. Rhode Island’s House seat held by Patrick Kennedy is seeing a dust up between David Cicilline and Republican John Loughlin who is doing well.

At 9 p.m. Iowa, Nevada, Arizona, North Dakota and Utah polling places close.

With Nevada, aside from the Reid-Angle fight, look to see how Democrat Dina Titus does against Joe Hech; that district contains one third of Nevada voters. Earl Pomeroy is one Karl Rove has said he will be watching; in a conservative state that Democrat voted for health care reform. Open borders advocate Raul Grijalva in Arizona could tumble as well.

California, Oregon and Washington close at 10 p.m. Washington, however, votes by mail so the race between Dino Rossi and incumbent Democrat Patty Murray could play out for weeks. “Baghdad Jim” McDermott, a thorn in the side of conservatives because of his trip to Iraq where he blasted Bush, does not face an opponent. Big lib Loretta Sanchez could fall to GOP candidate Van Tran, aside from the Senate and Governor races.
Alaska and Hawaii close after 11 p.m. so we may we waiting to see what happens there. In Hawaii, Charles Djou, who won a seat in a special election this spring, will try to keep his seat against his Democrat challenger.

The media has ignored some of our black Republican candidates, but here they are:

Charlotte Bergmann, of course, looking to take the 9th district from Steve Cohen.

Another black woman, Star Parker, is running in California. Look to see Tim Scott probably win in South Carolina. Ryan Frazier is running in Colorado, Robert Broadus in Maryland, Michael Faulkner in New York, Marvin Scott in Indiana, Charles Lollar in Maryland, Bill Randall in North Carolina, Bill Marcy in Mississippi, Alan West in Florida, Stephen Broden in Texas, Chuck Smith in Virginia and Isaac Hayes in Illinois.

Should be an interesting night.

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