Oscar Losers

Who would want to be associated with all the losers at last night’s Academy Awards?

The show was a loser – it posted record low viewership. Not a surprise. Host Jimmy Kimmel indicated he was going to cloak himself in political virtue by attacking Trump, conservatives and America. He did so. Was this guy ever funny?

The glitterati who attended were not the big name stars of the past. Most have been in a successful movie or two and that’s about it. Or they are hangers-on has beens like Meryl Streep. The clothes don’t even wow us anymore. Most of them are just outrageous to attract attention.

They even invited losers from the recent Olympics to attend. Here are figure skaters Adam Rippon and Mirai Nagasu:

Then skier Lindsey Vonn who was only able to snag a bronze medal after she had been heralded as a possible 3 gold winner got an invite.

What’s with the getup? It looks like she picked it up on the clearance rack at Forever 21.

Why do people like this get to go to the Oscars? They have had nothing to do with acting or the movies, so what gives?

What gives is they are the most recent darlings to dump on President Trump and VP Pence.

What a pathetic show of pathetic people!

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