Dumpster Fire of a Company

Anymore, reading the CA or any Gannett newspaper is not for the conservative faint of heart.

The company specializes in anti Trump, anti conservative stories and never fails to pepper even one single page without their propaganda.

So it was no surprise to find this headline yesterday: “A ‘dumpster fire’ of a year? Merriam-Webster dictionary gets it.” The story reads, “When ‘disaster’ isn’t enough, ‘dumpster fire’ might ignite a better description of life’s catastrophes.”

Why would this describe 2017, which is the not so subtle reference? Now why would we be talking in terms like that now? It was a disaster for Houston and Puerto Rico, but we have disasters like that every year.

Did you think 2017 was terrible? A disaster? On the economic front, more jobs were created and the stock market skyrocketed. Businesses were happy that regulations were dropped.

I don’t recall any round up of liberals, gays, blacks, etc., even though the Left was hysterically screaming that would happen.

So what was different about 2017? Ah, yes, the Trump presidency.

Merriam-Webster’s definition sheds some light: “an utterly calamitous or mismanaged situation or occurrence.” Well, it was for Democrats calamitous and mismanaged for them. The majority of us don’t feel that way.

But it does seem that the media is a junkyard inferno. They will continue to burn themselves up unless they extinguish the fire of hate that consumes them.

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