This Is What It’s Come to

If you don’t know who Jamie Oliver is, don’t feel bad.
He’s a British chef and cookbook author who has been on a mission to shove healthy food down our throats and his cookbook is full of expensive ingredients that are difficult to find. His recipes are also not user friendly.

Anyhow, he is a Trump hater.

A serious one.

Here’s how deep his TDS goes:

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has been on something of a mission throughout the last decade, to educate people on healthy eating habits.

Does this good will, however, extend to President Donald Trump? You may remember, according to Corey Lewandowski, Trump’s favorite meal is a 2,400 calorie McDonald’s stomach bomb, chased down with a milkshake.

Maybe. Maybe not.

Oliver recently sat down with British talk show host Russell Howard and said he is trying to avoid America altogether during the Trump years and would not likely be cooking for him anytime soon.

“I’m kind of hoping that I don’t have to go to America while he’s [Trump] in power,” he said. “I don’t know if I can hold it out but I’m going to try.”

What would happen if the celebrity chef found himself in a situation where he was forced to cook for the sitting president? Would he phone it in? Nope.

He would, however, play something of a practical joke on Trump, plying him with stool-loosening foods, as an attempt to make him soil his pants, or something.

“I think I would bite the bullet, I think I’d be professional and I think I’d cook with all of my heart and my soul,” he said. “I’d just use all of my training as a nutritionist to cook things that really make your asshole loose.”

So, there you go, if Oliver ever cooks for Trump, prepare for some stories about the president spending some serious time in the bathroom.

This is from Mediaite.

Nice, eh?

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