New GOP Must Prevail

The race in Pennsylvania has not yet been called. With only a 579 vote difference, they must count the military and absentee ballots to see who wins.

However, the message from this election as I see it, is that the Trump GOP candidates can win; the RINO/normal GOPers cannot.

If you doubt this, look at the Alabama Senate race. Had Trump backed Luther won the primary, he probably would have won the race.

In the Pennsylvania race, the Democrat Lamb cloaked himself in Trump GOP messages. He is a Marine. He said he’d work with the opposition. He said he’d back tax cuts and that he’s pro life. The naive Pennsylvani electorate believed him. He’s really a wolf in lamb’s clothing and will follow whatever Pelosi tells him to do.

Saccone got a big bump from Trump’s stumping for him. Before Trump came, Saccone was trailing. Too bad he didn’t take a cue from the president and become more vocal. He disowned unions, which seems like the main reason he didn’t win. Trump made it easy in this steel country, after he put tariffs on foreign steel. Saccone should have run with that. His predecessor, Republican Tim Murphy, did back the unions.

Lamb got a lot of outside money, too. Somehow the broke DNC always manages to scrape together enough to push their vile candidates. Does anyone else smell Soros?

Now we’ll be subjected to media insisting there is a blue wave coming in November. It will also energize the Dems to get their people out.

Anyone we put up must be free of sexual scandals and deeply vetted. That hurt us in the House in 2006 when we lost our majority after the Florida GOP congressmen had been outed for his attraction to House pages. The Dems know this tactic well and it always works for them. They have the media ready with their megaphones to help them.

Maybe Trump should fire Ronna Romney McDaniels. I’m not sure she is tough enough for the job. Fortunately, saying “you’re fired” is an easy call for the president.

This is going to be a very tough summer because the campaign slurs will be fast and furious coming our way. We must act offensively and shut the Dems down. Too much is at stake.

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