Blatant Bias at 5

At noon I decided to turn to Channel 5 to get the weather.

For the most part, I refrain from watching local newscasts because they are only crime stories and bad weather prognostications. They live in a republic of fear at 5, a place I do not choose to visit.

But I did visit and immediately regretted it.

Up popped a story, from CNN, as it turns out, about Larry Kudlow joining Trump’s economic team. But 5’s Kym Clark introduced it by saying, “It’s a presidency that was essentially born on reality TV and now the lines between TV and reality are blurring even further.”

What? It’s a presidency born of hard work, a lifetime of achievements and a knowledge of the American people’s feelings not understood by his opponent. Trump was on an NBC show no less. Does that mean we should stop watching their stuff, if this is the outcome? Is that the implication? As for blurring even further, I think the Trump voter understands reality and the fake media much better than anyone in that business. Talk about editorializing!

“Donald Trump has chosen a cable news personality to be his top economic advisor. But Larry Kudlow (she mispronounced his name) certainly isn’t the only wire running straight from the TV to the White House.”

Kudlow had a show on CNBC, a sister network, but before that worked in the White House under Reagan, wrote several books about the economy and has his own financial firm. He’s in touch with the big people in the finance industry. Besides, he was never a “celebrity.” I doubt 2% of people would recognize him if he knocked on their door. Sad that they have to scuttle all his years of work to dwell on his relatively short TV career. But that’s how awful the media has become.

The CNN story went on to quote David Rothkopf as decrying the choice, tweeting “Fake experts for fake advisory roles. Trumptopia.” Who the hell is David Rothkopf and who cares?

She went on to criticize former Fox anchor Heather Nauert for becoming No. 4 at the State Department. She appears to have done well there. Why shouldn’t she be promoted? Oh, that’s right, I forgot. Only Deep State people are allowed to rise. And their sexism is showing.

Then she said, “another Fox personality could be joining the Trump administration. Pete Hedgespeth is currently being considered to run the sprawling department of Veterans affairs, that employs just over 400,000 people.” “Could be?” Is that the journalistic standard for reporting? Speculation outweighs facts?

And how horrible is it that a recent veteran might take over to help a veterans’ administration often staffed by people who were never in the military? Remember Obama’s choice for VA Secretary, Robert McDonald? He was a retired CEO of Procter & Gamble. A veteran who understands veterans’ needs surely can’t be considered.

“President Trump doesn’t just hire media types, he consults them, too. He dined recently with Fox News personalities Jesse Waters and Geraldo Rivera reportedly gossiping about TV and politics.” Note the “reportedly.” How does she know he was consulting with them? She has no idea what they talked about. Why shouldn’t he dine with whomever he wants? Barack Obama was interviewed by GloZell, the youtube “star” who broadcast from a bathtub filled with cereal and milk, eating out of it.

Don’t forget Zach Galifianakis, on his Youtube show, Between Two Ferns where they discussed his pardoning of the turkeys, among other inanities. Now that’s journalism!

But the CNN reporter went on to slam Kimberly Guilfoyle and Sean Hannity, who seems to have made the decision on the Iran nuclear deal and the release of the GOP memo alleging corruption and anti Trump bias by FBI members.

She pompously ended it with, “presidential advisors in the age of Trump. Randy Kay, CNN.”

Clark couldn’t be upstaged, so she then said, rolling her eyes, “President Trump may or may not make another change in his White House circle soon. Sources told CNN Trump is ready to replace National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster. No announcement was made to allow McMaster to nail down his next step.”

I see Channel 5 does not keep up with the news, because that was debunked this morning. In fact, it appears that was a test to see who is leaking at the White House. Sarah Sanders denied it yesterday and last night, but NBC must not keep up – or want to.

What do you want to bet that if a Democrat president (God help us) tapped people at CNN, they would jump on board without blinking. Would they be criticized then?

You know the answer.

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