Stop the Hysteria!

Up until yesterday, it was the liberal/democrat/progressive/media types who wallowed in hysteria.

Trump can’t even tie his shoelaces without one of them objecting, calling it treasonous and grounds for impeachment.

We’ve seen it on the travel ban, Comey firing, s–thole comment, tweets, Stormy Daniels, Russia everything.

Now our side has caught the hysteria in the reaction to the budget signed yesterday.

Do I like it? No. Do I think it’s good? No. Is it a Democrats’ dream? Yes. Is it a victory by the Deep State? Yes.

But don’t let all that get you carried away into Hysteria-stan.

First, our side is going to lose a few battles in the fight to defeat the Deep State. If you didn’t understand that premise, you are very naive. Some days – like yesterday – will be bad for us; others, like getting the tax bill through, will be great. It’s the war we want to win, not just a battle or two.

Blogger Don Surber put it pretty well:

This is a battle he (Trump) cannot win.

The power of the purse belongs to Congress, and every presidential budget is dead on arrival.

Every year, the opposition party reminds the president of that.

This budget is the first truly bipartisan measure to pass during the Trump Era when America became great again.

The children got to order the meal, and it is all candy, candy, candy.

Funding for the Democratic Party via money laundered at Planned Parenthood continues. The abortionists get the money to cover “free” abortions (billed as women’s health services) and then donates much of it back to Democrats. The Hyde Amendment be damned.

Republicans have done this for years. They never stopped. Why should they stop now?

Ryan stiffed funding for the wall, causing Ann Coulter to have palpitations.

But what was the president supposed to do? Really shut down the federal government for two weeks until surrendering. He has no base in Congress. His base is among the American people.

So the swamp critters won a round.

I have better things to worry about.

We Deplorables don’t know what Trump knows about it either. He knows that our military buildup will not only secure us – the president’s first duty being to protect the country – but also give us an edge in the trade situation. Already South Korea has agreed to our trade terms once Trump threatened to remove some of our troops there. Power is might.

Then we don’t know of the other threats out there. Obviously he does and does not want to put the country in jeopardy. You have to have a little faith about that.

Think back, too, that last year’s economic growth secured our footing so that we could fight our trade battles with an advantage. First things, first, you know.

Here’s a comment from a thread worth considering:

OMG, how big of fools the RINO and Donkeys are with their ploy to sell out the (R) Party with the Omnibus deal of 2018.
1. Trump got full funding for the Military.
2. While the President is constrained by the US Constitution to follow the dictates of The Budget, as Obama pointed out, a “Continuing Resolution” is not a “Budget” and so any dictates on how to spend it are null and void. All of the Planned Parent money can be redirected by the President to build a Border Wall.
3. The RINOs and Donkeys forgot Trump’s reputation before he went into politics: “Trump’s a NYC Street Fighter, with excellent Counter-Punching skills.”
4. The RINOs and Donkeys have no idea what a tempest that they have just unleashed!

When some people read the bill they found this:

There are always ways around bad things in politics. Trump, being a master strategist, will work out how to attack the Deep State and manipulate them. I would be wary, were I a foe, of what he does on Palm Beach away from the White House. You can bet he’s not just sitting around whining or that he’s not getting consultations from others while golfing.

Then there is the coming IG revelations, perhaps next month. That will eclipse all of this and hopefully show who is dirty and get rid of them.

In the meantime, stop brooding and watching the always wrong punditocracy sitting around throwing out analyses like beads at a Mardi Gras parade.

They are worth about as much as those shiny necklaces. It’s the parade you want to watch.

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