Don’t Go Wobbly

Previously, I urged our side to stop the hysteria over the spending bill.

At least there are some other calm heads in the internet. Clarice Feldman at AmericanThinker, for one.

It is dispiriting in the face of so much administrative agency corruption to see on the internet so many people critical of the president for not vetoing the bill. He needs us now, for if he fails in the sweeping out of this evil, we are truly doomed, with the Constitution relegated to a merely historic document from a better age.

The bill, as it turns out was truly bipartisan:

Extraneus explains:

The House passed the $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill, 256-167, with 145 Republicans and 111 Democrats voting “yes.” The “no” votes came from 90 Republicans and 77 Democrats…

In the Senate it was 25 Rs and 39 Ds for, with 23 Rs and 8 Ds against.

So, a majority of Rs voted for the bill in both chambers.

I think a veto would have been a bad move, even if sustained. It was a bipartisan bill and Trump would clearly have been responsible for any resulting shutdown, and would have been without the backing of either chamber’s leadership, who were enthusiastic supporters of the bill.

And the refusal to veto was a responsible choice for, among other things, our military is in desperate shape and the Democrats had a hook — funding it only through this bill.

She concludes that by failing ” to abolish the filibuster and riding the pork train, the Republicans in Congress have handed a minority party the governing oar. They are saying we have a majority but we don’t want to act like we do — you do what you want. And the Democrats did.”

Trump has been calling for an end to the 60 vote rule, but it has fallen on McConnell’s “deaf” ears.

I also found this comment spot on:

So he couldn’t withstand combined onslaught of entire Congress (well actually 2/3 of House GOP and 1/2 Senate GOP plus all Dems), which was willing to destroy military to bring him down. Just as he has geared up to face N. Korea and Iran. Instead of turning in fury on Ryan and McConnell and rest of GOP, we turn on…Trump???? Veto? It would have been overridden. He got rolled. He will fix what he can – may not spend the money. And he’ll control the process next time.

While another suggested, “The least we should do for potus is to get rid of the rinos like Ryan,McCain, goober,Flake and so many more that keep bringing our side down. We need to learn to primary the bad guys on both sides of the aisle.”

And, “could you imagine what the msm would have done? They would have made the reporting so horrifying there would have been rioting in the streets..”
“All Trump did is sign on to a Spending bill not a budget that is hard,fixed and basically unalterable.
This is why obama never allowed a true budget for his entire administration.He knew if he did he could not control spending the way he did and legally. Spending bills are subject to all kinds of legal wrangling, EO’s, and the like. Obama didn’t have 17 lawyers surrounding him all eight years for nothing. He used the heck out of them and did pretty much what he wanted with our money as the dems are used to doing. Trump is now doing the same thing!”

“I think Trump’s signing this spending bill, which is not a budget, is very strategic because whoever voted yes on it has that yes vote hung on his neck like a rotting albatross.
The deep staters have been outed and they have to be very nervous. I think they were expecting him to veto and now they are perplexed because he didn’t get caught in their trap.
It now falls to the American people to throw these bums out so that Trump can have enough allies in his own party. Any Dem that voted no did so with cover and permission from Schumer/McConnell because of an upcoming election. In the same way, Trump exposed the Dems true motives by giving them everything they asked for and more on DACA, and this move is another exposure.

“Don’t go wobbly on Trump.”

It’s always best, when everyone is howling around you, to step back and let your little gray cells figure out motive, strategy and outcome. You can bet if the media has one idea, that is not the correct one.

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