Ann Coulter Off Again

There are people in the Republican party who are never happy.

Ann Coulter is one of them.

She was all in for Trump before the election, but now she’s not happy with him. She even wants someone to primary him in 2020. She called Trump a “shallow, lazy ignoramus.”

None of those adjectives fit a dynamic man who expends more energy than 40 year olds, has a wide knowledge of many fields.

Coulter is the same person who was a big backer of Mitt Romney in 2012, although he never showed himself to be much of a conservative. Can you imagine Romney building a wall on the southern border? Not in several lifetimes. He’s a globalist and yet, because Trump hasn’t built the wall yet, she’s ready to abandon him.

Ann is a professional contrarian. We seem to have more of them in our party than the Democrats do. Perhaps it’s because she gets more coverage for the shallow books she cranks out with rapidity.

She unloads:

You see, it only looks like Trump is The Worst Negotiator God Ever Created. Instead of telling Democrats, “I won’t even talk about DACA until we have the border wall,” Trump has repeatedly given up the wall, aka The Central Promise of His Campaign, Without Which He Would Not Be in the White House.

He has now signed a spending bill that, if it actually did what it claims to do, prohibits him from building the wall, hiring any new ICE agents capable of making arrests, and building any new detention facilities for illegal aliens.

The strange thing is, as commander in chief, he doesn’t need congressional authority to do any of these things. But he obviously doesn’t know that.


Instead of making even a fake effort and forcing Democrats to get up off the couch to vote against the wall, Trump cleverly leapt to the front of the anti-Trump parade and pretended it was all his idea.

I told Sen. Schumer: I WANT AMNESTY! I was very clear! Look at him, running around like a loser doing my bidding.

Trump’s main response to a bill that actively prohibits him from keeping his central campaign promise was to denounce Congress for not sending him a bill legalizing “Dreamers.” Which also breaks a campaign promise.

It’s all part of the act, you fools! Trump is making the Democrats think that, even though they don’t have the House, the Senate or the White House, he needs Chuck Schumer’s permission before moving a muscle.

Carefully observe the master. He gives up everything and — in exchange — gets NOTHING. See?

The easy thing to do would be to say, There’s no way any amnesty happens until the wall is complete. Anybody could do that. But we didn’t elect just anybody.

We elected the guy whose name is on the cover of “The Art of the Deal.” Sure, he didn’t write it — and probably didn’t read it — but Trump must have heard about some of the trite advice it contains.

This shows what a master strategist Trump is. He throws out the rulebook! You know what else, suckers? Now he can put out a paperback edition with a new chapter, How to Give Up Everything in Return for Nothing.

The wins are already rolling in. Guess who’s suddenly dying to negotiate with Trump? That’s right: Kim Jong Un. One look at how Trump negotiates and Kim couldn’t wait to sit down with him.

Trump took office with the most precious gift any president could ever ask for: winning the White House with ZERO support from Wall Street. But instead of calling in the big banks and saying, Welcome to hell! Trump checkmated them by spending his first 15 months in office cravenly begging for their approval.

The expression “dance with the one who brung you” is old paradigm thinking. This is Trump Thinking.

There is more venom, but it’s along the same lines.

Is she off her meds?

Would she prefer Hillary? Would any of the other GOP candidates have a wall built yet? Jeb!? Rubio? Doubt it.

Coulter is an attention hog. Will she run to The View? They would have open arms for her there.

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