Mayor Quotes Holder

Our mayor never misses an opportunity to ingratiate himself with black voters, even if he has to reference one of the most corrupt Obama administration officials.

For example, he posted this on Facebook:

I agree with what former Attorney General Eric Holder said here this week: Memphis is unique in that we celebrate our progress but are also frank about our challenges and tackle them.

That’s what gives me optimism about our future.

However, it was interesting to read the responses. They weren’t all positive about his praise for Holder. Here’s a sample:

“It’s like my ole grandad use to tell me..”Son, you can’t make chicken salad out of chicken s _ _ t.”.
“Why did we invite that crook to Memphis?? An embarrassment!!”
“Eric Holder is a criminal. Memphis is is totally lost now under this Mayor! I’m moving to a conservative smaller town that follows laws and doesn’t idolize criminals or their behaviors.”
“What do you expect? Strickland is above the law too.”
“Doesn’t get anymore corrupt than Eric Holder.”

Only one approved: “Proud of you, Mayor! Love my City, too! So excited for our future.”

Holder, if you’ll recall, was the man in the DOJ who approved of President Clinton’s pardon of the criminal Marc Rich, whose wife just happened to be a Clinton donor. Clinton and Holder were vilified for this vile action, even by the liberal press.

But as often happens, the event just got ignored and Obama made him Attorney General. Many of us view him as a completely corrupt AG who did Obama’s bidding, even when it was dubious. Fast and Furious and the IRS coming after Tea Party groups to silence them are just two that spring to mind.

Mayor Slickman doesn’t care about that. He’s using today as a springboard to cement the black vote for his reelection.

Will it work? Not if a black Democrat decides to run. Much of the white vote has left him, too. I know I will not vote for him and many echo this sentiment.

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