Governor Booed

At least according to one eager to report Nextdoor person, Governor Haslam was booed at yesterday’s MLK event.

Here’s the report: “Did anybody else notice, but when our Governor got up to speak at the MLK celebration, he got booed, loudly and for about 5 minutes. He looked really upset. Guessing he got what was long overdue. IMO….He’d only show up to Mphs (in the past, to now), and talk to the power people, then zip back to Trashville. Thank you to those whom spoke up….imo”

Aside from the atrocious punctuation and grammer issues, this person was delighted that our Republican governor was treated poorly.

The reactions were varied:

“What happened to honoring MLK???

“He didn’t even have to come! Had I been him, I would have honored MLK and the rude crowd by walking off the stage with a one finger salute to the crowd! And before anyone responds… I’m not a racist! I’m just tired of the disrespect so many people give towards others these days!”

“So you mean thank you for making Memphis look like a bunch of jerks?”

“Actually, I was thanking (X) for recognizing that the important issue was to honor Dr. King and not make it a political forum by booing the Governor.”

I guess Strickland had to invite our governor, but I wonder if he invited any other Republicans.

Then, again, Haslam went out of his way to accommodate the removal of Confederate statues. If Haslam thought this would endear him to any in the black community, I guess he got his answer yesterday.

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