Why Did Trump Pardon Libby?

Today President Trump pardoned Vice President Cheney’s former aide, Scooter Libby.

If you remember anything at all about the case, which really tried to get Bush advisor Karl Rove “frogmarched” out of the White House, you know that Libby was the fall guy.

President George W. Bush commuted his sentence, but Libby still paid a $250,000 fine, performed 400 hours of community service, and served two years of probation.
In 2015, one of the witnesses against him said she believed the prosecutor withheld relevant information during her interviews that would have changed the outcome. Sound like today’s FBI thuggish tactics?

Anyhow, the DC court of appeals reinstated Libby to the bar and reauthorized him to practice law because they agreed that exculpatory evidence was withheld.

But why did Trump do it now?

A comment at Conservative Treehouse explains:

Incredible move, on multiple levels.

1. Libby was the victim of a rogue prosecutor, just as the left hopes Trump will be.
2. The person who assigned the prosecutor on the Libby case was James Comey
3. Message sent to Flynn and others that we’ll pardon victims of rogue prosecutors

Great job by the president, and doing it before the Comey book tour starts in earnest is brilliant timing.

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