Harris Hits Out at Republicans

For some odd reason, I am on Lee Harris’ email list. So I get weekly emails from his campaign updating supporters on how they can give him money.

I suppose he believes in the “blue wave” that’s coming, hopes to catch it and ride to victory in the County mayor race. I don’t believe in it. We’re given the same propaganda we got in the 2016 election: Democrats were going to win, Hillary would be president and the rest of us might as well give up and go home.

We know how that turned out.

In his current email Harris rants against his Republican opponents, plus the NRA. But read it for yourself:

When it comes to gun violence and school safety, one of our major local papers, the Memphis Flyer, has already noted that the Republican candidates’ answers so far are lacking.

Here’s what appeared in that paper:
“[The three Republican candidates, Terry Roland, David Lenoir, and Joy Touliatos] on one subject — that of gun violence — … drew a blank. Lenoir’s solution to the specter of gun violence was to recap his major campaign themes — “good jobs, great schools, and safer neighborhoods” — along with an exhortation to “prosecute criminals to the full extent of the law.” Touliatos, who cited her penchant for taking crackers out to the hungry among her Juvenile Court charges, advocated showing children “that somebody cares for them.”
“Only Roland, emphasizing his membership on the board of a mental-health agency (who knew?) came within a country mile of any solution that is part of the current national dialogue, and he undermined his call for more attention to the mentally ill with the over-flip remark, “When you show me a gun that goes off and kills somebody by itself, then I’ll support gun laws.”
“All in all, that part of the Republicans’ mayoral debate was exactly the sort of thing that Emma Gonzáles meant when, in the aftermath of the gun-murder of 14 of her classmates and 3 faculty members, she made a speech dismissing any and all evasive pseudo-solutions to the tragedy with the words, ‘We call B.S.!’”

And, if that’s not bad enough, it gets even worse.

One of those Republican candidates, in another setting, suggested we should arm teachers, which is an idea out of the Trump administration.

I believe our next County Mayor should stand up for common sense gun reforms. Our next County Mayor shouldn’t bow to the NRA. And our next County Mayor has to be able to reject ideas from the White House that don’t promote safety and instead might put our schools at risk.

I have kids in the public schools right now. In fact, I’m the only candidate in the race for Shelby County Mayor with kids in the public schools. I’m personally invested in our County getting this right.

The Mayor has an important voice in the operation of the largest and most important school system in the state. School safety and common-sense gun reforms are two of my top priorities.

We can fight back against gun violence. We can promote school safety. We can stand up to the NRA.

I hope you’ll join me. I hope you’ll join us.

If you contribute $100, $50, or even $20.18, we can be competitive in 2018.

Snark? Oh filled with it. Hatred of the NRA, too. Suddenly they are the villain in school violence and crime in general. Guess he’s not down with the Second Amendment.

Notice how his solutions are vague. He doesn’t present anything specific. It’s just more Democrat rhetoric.

I notice how he hits at Trump. That hints at the whole Democrat strategy for elections. Run down Trump, call him names, accuse him of every conceivable crime, but don’t offer any ideas. And by the way, send them money.

That’s why I’m not pessimistic about the coming elections. They have nothing but sound and fury. It signifies nothing.

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