Intriguing Comment of the Day

Twitter often provides more news than the networks, even Fox.

Here’s something offered by one post. It refers to the “qanon” poster who has gained a following. “Q” is supposedly someone who has deep connections in the deep state.

I don’t believe everything I read, but I found this intriguing.

“Another important point from that same #qanon tweet is that Justice Scalia was “187”…California penal code for murder. As discussed a while back, Hillary henchmen has Scalia murdered to open a seat on Supreme Court for Lynch…see Podesta Wikileaks emails re ‘wetworks’.”
Here’s the email they are referring to:

And here’s the definition of wetworks:

It all made sound a little too bizarre, but then people who get in the way of the Clintons are often found dead.

Strange, too, that Justice Scalia never had an autopsy, but was shoveled off and in the ground before that could happen.

Was this the quid pro quo for Loretta Lynch not prosecuting Hillary and the discussion between her and Bill on the tarmac?

Also, what was Comey referring to about damaging info on Lynch in his new book?

Unfortunately, our governing rulers have not shown themselves to be above criminality, have they?

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