Are you Comey-tose Yet?

The overnights are in and the “blockbuster” 20/20 interview with James Comey scored just 9.8 million. That’s just about 3% out of a nation of approximately 325 million. Congratulations ABC. Was that what you wanted?

Many people like me had no time for an interview of a sanctimonious guy bitter that he was fired from his cushy perch and ready to spew his venom. We all have more important things to watch, stuff like curling reruns from Canadian TV.

Turns out that turning off was the right decision because ABC didn’t show us the whole interview. They even edited it – badly – according to people who read the transcript.

For instance, we all expected him to slam Trump, but it turns out he threw some shade on St. Barrack. Only ABC didn’t include that. Fox New reported, “The network chose not to air several key moments, such as when Comey ripped former President Barack Obama. He criticized the former president for comments made during the bureau’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server, suggesting Obama ‘jeopardized’ the Justice Department’s ‘credibility.’ However, viewers would need to access the entire transcript online to know Comey’s comments on Obama.
“Filmmaker Liz Garbus tweeted, ‘This is very distracting and makes it hard to feel like we’re getting the full context of his answers.’ New York University journalism professor Jay Rosen added, ‘This interview is VERY aggressively edited. Almost every sentence is ended by the ABC producers, not by Comey.’”

Is anyone surprised?

Would you be surprised, too, to know that a big bookstore in DC made a big deal last night about the book? They ceremoniously brought in boxes of Comey’s literary excretions with cameras recording the whole unveiling.

On Fox & Friends this morning, the hosts noted that someone there observed that there were 12 camera men for every customer. In other words, very few were eagerly awaiting the book. The bookstore had expected long lines, but they didn’t materialize.

Comey looks to be a Titanic failure. The public is tired of him launching himself as a perfect vessel of justice when he obviously lied to Congress and leaked classified information to his professor buddy.

Glug, glug, glug. Down he goes.

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