Do as I Say, Not as I Do Dept.

The CA continues it’s slide.

It’s not just its bias, inaccuracy and deafness to its audience or the price hikes and smaller content. Today they did one better.

In describing the sale of their parking lot – and soon the building itself – they had a grammatically challenged headline. Usually when you’re covering yourself you’d like to get it right, just for your own self esteem.

The editors at the CA have no such qualms. They let this headline go: “Real estate firms buys The CA’s parking lot.”

Dids they pays cash for it?

Seriously, was no editor around who recognized the error?

Remember, these are the people who love to tell us what to do and how more money needs to be spent on education. Nothing restrains them from telling us how ignorant we rubes are.

Why the capitalization of THE? Guess they have an inflated sense of importance.

The story itself tries to put a happy face on losing their headquarters. “The Commercial Appeal, an online news organization that continues to publish a daily, morning newspaper, will move to another Memphis location that better meets its technology needs and is a better fit for the size of its staff, executives have said.”

Maybe one of those portable PODS people put outside their houses? And did you know it’s primarily an online news organization? Will a smaller building be better for its technology needs? Can we call this White Flight as they abandon downtown probably for out east?

If you know anything about the organization, you know that Gannett is not committed to anywhere it lands. Having built a big facility in Nashville, they abandoned that recently and just announced they are moving the Nashville paper’s printing to Knoxville.

Maybe they can outsource their editing to one of our local schools. Idlewild Elementary could handle it and probably Snowden, too.

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