Who Should Be Mayor?

Although I voted for Shelby County Mayor Mark Luttrell twice, he has been a profound disappointment.

He’s too RINO. He showed that by backing pre-K, among other things. It’s one of those issues that sounds good, but if you look into it, there’s really no proof that it helps a child to do better in school and to go on and have better employment. It increases the government’s control on our children – something that hasn’t been going well for kids.

It also takes money we don’t have. Luttrell and Strickland just want it to garner votes.

Luttrell had a fiery relationship with the County Commission. He appeared a bit of an autocrat there; a side I didn’t like.

When he ran for the 8th Congressional seat, Luttrell admitted that the person he admired most in DC was Paul Ryan. Ryan is an unreliable conservative and most of us will be glad to see him leave the Speakership. It didn’t make points for Luttrell that he felt this way.

Because of term limits, Luttrell will not be running for the County mayorship. The Republican candidates are Terry Roland, David Lenoir and Joy Touliatos.

David Lenoir is currently the Trustee. He has done a great job of watching our money and introducing programs to help people get out of poverty without using taxes.

I’ve met him on several occasions and appreciated his willingness to come speak to our Midtown Club and other groups. He’s always acquitted himself with dignity and is very approachable. His slogan is “focus on great jobs, great schools, safe streets, and putting more money in your pocket.” That sounds about right.

Terry Roland, currently on the County Commission, has a lot of experience in government. He knows Shelby County well. He’s been a Commissioner for 7 years. He was an early Trump supporter when Trump’s chances looked slim. He’s an engaging person and amusing, too. He says he’s “the one for 901.”

However, I heard him speak about Obamacare a few years back. He was wanting it because he wanted more money for the Med, now Regional Health One. He argued that we couldn’t handle the overload from all parts of the area. True, but Obamacare puts the health care of all people at risk.

On his website he says, he:

Fought for an educated and trained workforce
Companies transferring capital and wealth to DeSoto County
Stopped costly Seismic Codes for insurance and building codes
Father of TIF’s –
Created EDGE and ensured a way out of it. –
Successfully lobbied to raise the BEP –
Extra funding for Municipal School Districts
Extra funding for all Chambers of Commerce
Extra funding for Pre-K in Shelby County
Extra funding for Regional One

I have some problems with all that extra funding.

He also has concerns with food deserts and likes wind/solar projects.

Joy Touliatos has three main areas of focus, according to her website.

She promises she will work to reduce crime, promising to see that police have the funding and tools necessary. She wants to “restore Shelby County’s partnership with the federal government to supply equipment and resources to the Sheriff’s office; a program that was discontinued by the Obama administration…and fight criminal justice reform efforts and liberal organizations that want to weakened the laws that punish those that threaten the safety of the community.”

She has knowledge of this as she has served as Juvenile Court Clerk since 2010.
Touliatos also wants to “Lower Taxes and Attract and Support Businesses that will Create Jobs and Invest in Education.” Specifically, she says she wants to “furnish necessary funding for our schools through savings provided by the refinancing of bonds and generate partnerships for funding to maintain and expand Pre-K funding when federal grants expire in 2020.”

All that sounds good, but does she have the experience in upper level government to handle the necessary interactions?

I will be voting for David Lenoir. I think he is clearing the best candidate.

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