Statue Take down Ignores Statutes

It’s not about racism.
It’s not about slavery.
It’s about following the law.

We were treated to a full front page of hysteria by the morning publication headlined “House punishes Memphis for removing old statues.” They added “Lawmakers did slavers proud with their actions” plus “Memphis wasn’t counting on any state funding” referring to the House removing $250,000 from the budget for the bicentennial celebrations next year.

The second story about lawmakers compared them to a slave owners who “beat the flesh off his slave.” The reporter went on to criticize “56 state House Republicans (who) tried to use money as their whip to punish Memphis for defying them in removing monuments to racists who fought to preserve that sort of cruelty.”

That’s way over the top.

It’s about doing what’s legal. Mayor Slickman didn’t. He knew the state Historical Commission denied a waiver to remove the statues. Rep. Steve McDaniel commented, “If you recall, back in December, Memphis did something that removed historical markers in the city. It was the city of Memphis that did this, and it was full knowing it was not the will of the legislature.”

In other words, the mayor went rogue. He had the statues removed at night, without the public’s knowledge beforehand. He sold the parks to “non profit” friends for a pittance. No one considered putting the issue up for a vote. Slickman did it on his own and most probably illegally.

What didn’t he and our Clowncil not understand about being governed by a group of elected officials in the state legislature? What gave him the right to decide? The legislature was absolutely right to call him on it. In fact, he and the others got off easily.

Funny how the law only applies when they want it to.

As many of us in Central Gardens know, the Historic Association does not allow a private homeowner to ignore their wishes. They are downright dictatorial. They have made laws about the kinds of roofs we can have, the types of driveways we may make, whether I can cut down a tree in my back yard or what they consider an eyesore to be fixed.

Yet the mayor considers he isn’t under anyone’s jurisdiction.

I very much appreciate how they think in Italy. There they keep all monuments from the past. There are statues of ancient emperors whose cruelty was legendary. Many of them exterminated Christians like rats running around in the street.

Yet, they keep them and it’s a good thing.

They even have kept monuments from Fascist Benito Mussolini. And they should. Some of these serve as reminders of what you don’t want your country to become. If we forget our history, we lose our direction.

New Orleans took down their Confederate monuments, too. It cost 2.1 million — half of it public money — to take down four Jim Crow-era monuments. Parts of them were found in a city maintenance yard next to piles of trash as you can see in this video:

The people who write these stories and push the racism cause would have nothing to propel them to their political careers or journalism fame. They can never let it die and this is another example. Sad.

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