Truman’s Monster

An article at AmericanThinker details President Truman’s founding of the CIA.

It was a decision he quickly regretted. He had his problems with the Deep State, too. He wrote:

But it got out of hand. The fella …the one that was in the White House after me never paid any attention to it and it got out of hand. Why, they’ve got an organization over there in Virginia now that is practically the equal of the Pentagon in many ways. And I think I’ve told you, one Pentagon is one too many.

Now as nearly as I can make out, those fellows in the CIA don’t just report on wars and the like, they go out and make up their own, and there’s nobody to keep track of what they’re up to. They spend billions of dollars on stirring up trouble so they’ll have something to report on. They’ve become…it’s become a government all of its own and all secret. They don’t have to account to anybody.

That’s a very dangerous thing in a democratic society, and it’s got to be put a stop to. The people have got a right to know what those birds are up to. And if I was back in the White House, people would know. You see, the way a free government works, there’s got to be a housecleaning every now and again, and I don’t care what branch of the government is involved.

If he were alive today Truman would be appalled at what the CIA, FBI and DOJ have become and that they would try so hard to get rid of a duly elected president.

If you have watched the series “The Looming Tower,” based on a book by the same name, you have seen how the CIA and FBI fought each other and therefore did not do anything to stop the 9/11 attacks. The people at the top of these organizations acted like rulers, making decisions that they had no right to do.

They got away with it.

Maybe this time Trump can stop the Deep State and root them out. Otherwise our vote doesn’t count; the bureaucrats run the show.

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