Hate on His Menu

CNN travel/food show host Anthony Bourdain never hesitates to express his tastes when it comes to President Trump.

He bounced from restaurant chef to author to Food Network star, then had a travel show on the Travel Channel. It was unique for the way he served up snark. He dispensed it frequently except for people who fit his social justice theories.

Recently he traded entertainment networks for CNN where he found fellow haters when it comes to Trump. Not too long ago Bourdain “joked” about poisoning the President, if he had the opportunity to cook for him.

Now Bourdain has turned outright political commentator. He said that members of Trump’s inner circle will “turn on each other.” According to the Daily Beast, Bourdain sees the newest controversies and investigations as akin to those of mobster boss John Gotti.

I guess that’s because the Russia conspiracy theory is deflating like a poorly made souffle.

Bourdain continued: “In the end, I think they’re all a bunch of frightened, self-interested greedheads, they’re all going to turn on each other, and the whole thing is going to come crashing down like any other conspiracy of not-too-bright people,” Bourdain said of those close to Trump.

He also called the cabinet and assistants “not the best and the brightest.”

Hmm. Sounds like CNN’s reporters and network chiefs.

Bourdain’s new season will open with him in Trump popular West Virginia. You know he picked that state to subtly – or not subtly – make fun of them. He commented, “we talked a lot about coal, the Second Amendment, and why people who come from five generations of breaking their backs in the coal mine would vote for a sketchy New York real-estate guy who’s never changed a tire in his life,” Bourdain told The Daily Beast.

Maybe because that guy has gotten his hands dirty building hotels and apartments from the time he worked under his real estate dad boss.

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