Hillary Backer Gets Shamed

I caught this on Sebastian Gorka’s twitter feed. It is a fascinating encounter. As he expressed, this encapsulates the elite attitude that doomed Hillary Clinton’s presidential hopes.

Here’s a little background on the “star” of the video. Careen Turner is a Democrat lobbyist who raised money for Hillary Clinton. She was appointed to the Port Authority Commission last year.

Like that attitude? The police remained amazingly calm as she went on her tirade.

According to NewJersey.com,

A Toyota Corolla with Nevada plates was traveling north on Route 9W in Tenafly when two patrol officers decided to pull it over because it had front side tinted windows–not uncommon in Las Vegas, but a definite no-no in New Jersey. The car also had a license plate frame that partly covered the name of Nevada–a seemingly trivial issue, but one that can lead to a ticket in New Jersey. Once they pulled the car over, the officers learned that the car had an expired registration and the driver did not have an insurance card. Turner’s daughter was a passenger in the rear seat.

No one was arrested. The officers only issued three summonses for the tinted windows, the obscured license plate, and expired registration. But the car was impounded until the owner, reportedly the mother of one of the other passengers, could provide proper paperwork for the vehicle.

Turner was not charged with any wrongdoing, but she was forced to resign. The video was widely shared and Turner got shamed.

Good. Count this a victory for Deplorables.

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