The primary election is tomorrow, May 1. If you are a Republican, get to a polling place! We need a good turnout now to defeat the Dems in August by getting the strongest candidates possible.

Here’s turnout so far:


For what it’s worth, here are my endorsements:

County Mayor: David Lenoir
Sheriff: Dale Lane.
Assessor of Property: Robert “Chip” Trouy
Trustee: George Chism
Register of Deeds: Wayne Mashburn
County Clerk: Arnold Weiner
County Commission, District 1: Amber Mills
County Commission, District 2: David Bradford
County Commission, District 3: Mick Wright
CC District 4: Mark Billingsley
CC District 5: Richard Morton
CC District 6: Sam Goff
CC District 7: Dr. Sharon Webb
CC District 8: Brandon Morrison
CC District 9: Tom Leatherwood
Criminal Court Clerk: Richard DeSaussure
Juvenile Court Clerk: Robert Hill
Probate Court Clerk: Paul Boyd

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