Have You Voted?

In my polling place there were more election workers than voters. They said it had been a light day.

If anything, light turnouts mean your vote is even more important.

It will be interesting to see who wins the Republican primary as the attempt to smear all Republicans appears to be the goal of our daily news rag. It’s important to get the best candidates to win in the primary so as to bring the most competition to the Democrats. They have been smarting since their thumping in August of 2010. This batch of elections is one they really want to win to take back how the city is being run. That is the responsible Republicans who make things work, not our tone deaf mayor.

I have been receiving emails from Lee Harris’ people. They are very aggressive and have been so in collecting funds. Whoever wins the Shelby County mayor’s race will need our full support. Harris is constantly talking against the second amendment, how he wants to enforce sustainability and how he opposes Trump. His motto is “a new era.”

I don’t think that’s an era win which Memphians would thrive.

So go vote today and keep up with the candidates to put them in office in the August election.

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