No Bias Here, Right?

It did seem to take the Election Commission a long time to get all the data reported from last night’s primary election. So what’s new? Votes arrived in a dribble as they always seem to do. Why? That always raises suspicions that some precincts have to have vote “corrections.”

Maybe that was part of the reason the CA was very late in being distributed this morning. Those trucks have to come from Jackson, as you know, so it renders the idea of “news” as more like “olds.”

Still, they managed to frame the information that David Lenoir will be the Republican candidate and Lee Harris the Democrat for Shelby County Mayor in a way beneficial to the Democrat.

How? The top photo was a big one in the left (naturally) side. It was about a 7 x 5 full color photo of Lee Harris playing with a little boy as his mom, Harris’ campaign manager, watched. How cute!

The photo of David Lenoir, who was paired with Germantown mayor Mike Palazzolo was greeting two elderly voters. You could barely make out Lenoir in the 3 1/2 x 2 1/4 photo. How white!

In the text of the story the Democrat Harris was also listed first as winner.

Do you think any of this was by happenstance?

Of course not.

There is no room for fairness in journalism anymore.

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