It’s Lawfare

Lawfare has replaced the word warfare in the Democrat world. In other words, if they can’t get you one way, they will use any bit of the law to destroy you. It’s a really scary proposition.

Listen to Michael Caputo, who joined the Trump campaign, describe what has happened to him.

The intent is to ruin the lives of everyone who worked on the Trump campaign. It’s absolutely disgusting.

Why AG Jeff Sessions doesn’t terminate this farce, is incomprehensible.

I liked this comment on a blog. It succinctly sums up the whole dreadful affair:

There is a joke going around where Rudy agrees to meet Mueller to discuss the case. As they sit down, Mueller starts talking, but Rudy cuts him off with “I know what was on Weiner’s laptop, Bob.”

This whole mess is about 4 things. 1) Punishing Trump’s allies. 2) Democrat fundraising. 3) Democrat Get-Out-The-Vote efforts. 4) Transferring taxpayer dollars to Democrat activists and donors (aka: Mueller’s team)

There is no case, and it isn’t going to court, at least not about anything but trivial side issues. They will keep it limping along for as long as they can. It ends when Mueller gets a bloody nose, or it ends on January 20th, 2025. Those appear to be our options.

Personally, I’ve run all out of Christian forgiveness. I’m ready for a second special counsel to investigate Mueller and his team. I want them facing endless depositions, answering questions like what we saw in the recent leaked (or fictional) question list. And if they failed to do due diligence on the evidence establishing probably cause for the investigation, or if they continued the investigation for even a second beyond the moment when they learned that it was all fiction, I want them charged with sedition, their bank accounts frozen, and every penny of taxpayer money clawed back as the profits of a criminal enterprise. And while they rot in prison planning their appeals, I want the probe to continue backwards over every day of their government “service” so that they can finally face justice for any crimes they committed in the past too. Because everyone knows these guys weren’t honorable men who went astray just now out of the blue.

The Dems want a new civil war. If not fought by arms, fought by law, economics and propaganda.

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