Pushing Sawyer

As I have warned, the Commercial Appeal is fully on board to push Tami Sawyer to election day victory.

Ms. Sawyer is running for the District 7 County Commission seat. In the primary she easily won over her competitors. She now goes on to face Republican candidate Sam Goff.

This is the seat held by Rep. John DeBerry, who often was open minded about voting with the Republicans. Don’t look for any cooperation at all with Ms. Sawyer. She is the one who runs #TakeEmDown901. In December she got a big victory via Mayor Strickland when he took down the Confederate monuments in the dark of night and without any consultation with the voters of Memphis.

Sawyer is not shy in pushing her view of race in Memphis. It’s her focus and overlays everything she does. For this, she gets an attaboy from the newspaper. They have placed her picture and stories about her prominently whenever they can.

They’re at it again today. In the followup story to the election, the top takeaway they have is that “Tami Sawyer wins.” You’d think other races (politically speaking!) would top that of a County Commissioner, but no. The story says the victory was “the culmination of a heady rise for Sawyer, who unsuccessfully challenged state Rep. John DeBerry, D-Memphis, in 2016. Since then, Sawyer has ridden a wave of successes.” Other than the statue removal there are no successes enumerated.

I think getting her on the commission is about equal for them to getting Lee Harris elected Shelby County Mayor. There will be a lot of dirt thrown at her opponent, Sam Goff, and mayoral candidate David Lenoir. As we know from the Trump election – and others – none of it has to be substantiated. They’ll just throw things out there and hope they stick, primarily the racism card.

It’s so easy to do that because it is very difficult to defend yourself from that charge. How do you prove a negative?

We need to fear that once she gets on the Commission she will use that as a stepping stone to higher offices and promoting her own brand of damaging politics.

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