Politics in the Hospital

There haven’t been posts lately because a 93 year old aunt fell ill to sepsis and was put in hospice care here Sunday.
We watched her hang on into Day 6 with only oxygen and pain killers. No iv’s, no fluids, no water, no food. People who went through the Depression and World War II were tough. She once told the story of a hot, dusty summer day in the Depression. Her parents, dead tired as night approached, had the evening and rest disrupted when a cow somehow injured itself and would not survive. Her dad had to kill and butcher it, while her mother got ready to go back in the hot kitchen to can the meat, tears running down her face.

They were tough and death was always a possibility.

Surprisingly, my aunt was a smoker, too, defying all the warnings about cigarettes. We watched as she amazingly kept breathing in her sad, withered body.

She ate whatever she wanted, as well. Cream and butter figured into a lot of her recipes. I doubt kale or microgreens ever went into her recipes.

I thought about that when I went to the hospital cafeteria. It was filled with chips, but only the Baked! kind. Full racks were everywhere, but I didn’t see people taking them. That’s Michelle Obama’s legacy; insisting that people follow her dietary beliefs whether they wanted to or not.

Meanwhile, the cook behind the sneeze bar grill had a big basket of fries he put in the oil. People were buying those, as well as hamburgers, eggs, sausage and biscuits.

Michelle and the Left’s perseverance ends up in things such as that – making their fellow Americans’ lives fall under their jurisdiction. They don’t care about life – they are pushing for euthanasia and wallow in abortion. They infect hospital politics as well as school, finances and security.

That’s all they have.

My aunt was a Republican, by the way, but you knew that.

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