3 CA Writers Jump Ship

Three of the CA’s local writers have flown the increasingly empty coop. The front page of the paper says Geoff Calkins, Jennifer Biggs and Chris Herrington have decided to move on “to pursue other journalism opportunities in Memphis.”

The story is written by Executive Editor Mark Russell. He tries to spin it positively. He fails miserably.

Calkins and Biggs are what many subscribers are reduced to reading anymore, because Memphians love sports and everyone likes to eat. Food used to be a topic where politics didn’t reside, but that’s not much true anymore as the social justice warriors have claimed that, too.

They, with Herrington, at least report on local places. Since Gannett took over our local news has taken a backseat to Nashville or other propagandistic USA Today topics. And most of what is about the Bluff City centers on race and our citizens’ failures to live up to their social justice standards.

That is when they’re not bashing Trump and Republicans.

I almost did a spit take with my hot cofeve this morning when I read Russell’s explanations. Or rather non explanations, but assurances that the CA will continue to thrive (even though it’s on life support).

He actually says the departures “are a major blow, but we’ll find great journalists to rebuild our local team.” Journalists like “a former Los Angeles Daily News high school sports reporter…who started in January.” Think he’ll attract the veteran Culkins’ readers with a high school reporter?

Or one who comes from a Biloxi news organization or the one who hails from Hattiesburg to be “content strategist in charge of business, suburbs and entertainment who started in April”?

Do you think they know the city well enough to cover it? Or have the years in to be skilled?

Russell concludes, “The CA has been around for 177 years and our No. 1 goal is ensuring we remain relevant to readers for many years to come.”

That’s a stretch since they haven’t been relevant for years.

I guess I have to thank him, though. Since he’s taken the helm the ship has been going down fast. Given its content, it needs to go down even faster.

Fortunately, he’s doing a helluva job. Not everyone could take 177 year institution and destroy it so thoroughly in so few years.

Obviously Culkins, Biggs and Herrington weren’t on board with what’s happening. The article does not say where they’re going, but their readers will find them and hemorrhage subscriptions even more.

Don’t look for 178.

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