Feminists Exclude Women

Could someone please define for me what a feminist is?
The new Duchess of Sussex claims to be one. She announced it at the chic apres wedding party given by her father-in-law Prince Charles. The British even put it on the royal website for her. It prominently displays her saying “I am proud to be a woman and a feminist.”

Does a feminist give up her religion and country so she can be supported for the rest of her life by her husband? Does she subsist on the taxes of hard working Brits so that she can live in palaces, have servants to tend to every need she has, travel whenever and wherever and dress in couture and priceless jewels? In return she does what? Exist?

Is Hillary Clinton a feminist? She’s another one who came to prominence via her husband. Before he ascended the political ladder to the top office, she was just a lawyer at a Little Rock law firm. As First Lady what did she do to deserve all the perks – if being a feminist means doing it all yourself on your own? Was it following feminist orthodoxy to turn a blind eye when her husband raped people and picked out women to bed as if they were his concubines and she then helped cover it up? Was it feminist to accept this role?

Was she a feminist to run for president using her husband’s fame and their sketchy Clinton Global Initiative money obtained more or less through bribes? Was her appointment as Secretary of State, thanks to Obama, any more than an excuse to travel the world pocketing other peoples’ money with a wink and a nod? Did she earn the title? Someone explain to me how.

Is Ashley Judd a feminist? She says she is and donned a pink vagina hat to get her street cred. But then she admits that as an actress she let men take advantage of her and not report it, but then just happen to get that coveted movie role she wanted?

Does being a feminist mean you readily endorse the killing of other females who just happen not to fulfill their 9 month gig? Evidently.

It’s very confusing.

Consider the newly confirmed CIA chief, Gina Haspel. She’s been rejected by the official feminist groups. She worked her way up to that position by doing her job well, showing leadership and making difficult decisions. But since President Trump nominated her, that negates all her right to be a feminist. She’s the first to break the glass ceiling at Langley, but “true feminists” don’t like her and some voted against her.

Same goes for Sarah Sanders and Kellyanne Conway. They hold top posts at the White House as Press Secretary and Counselor to POTUS. Conway was even the first woman to run a successful presidential campaign. But neither qualify as feminists because they aren’t the right type of woman.

Neither is Ivanka Trump. She, too, became successful. She demonstrated business acumen by having her own company. She has balanced motherhood with business and now with working for the country. But, we’re told she’s not worthy of the feminist title because of her dad.

The only conclusion I can draw is that Republican women are automatically excluded from the feminist title. They can do more, work harder, be great examples of women achievement, but the R by their names disqualifies them.

Because of this the feminists are destroying their own movement. But then again they’ve never been into nurturing or life either.

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