Some Ideas for Obama TV

He tried to push Obamacare on us. Now we’ve got the prospect of Obama TV with his Netflix deal.

So what shows might Netflix make at the promptings of the Obamas?

Here’s some you might expect to see:

Fifty Shades of Blue: A documentary about how progressive Democrat policies could alter life in our 50 states and bring about the longed for Utopia that Republicans have denied Americans.

Saul, Apostle of the Antichrist: Even though Saul Alinsky dedicated his “Rules for Radicals” book to Lucifer, he’s really quite a nice guy as viewers will see as we trace his extraordinary life.

Animal House: A new comedy based on the popular movie. Only this time wacky antics occur as MS-13 gang members try to sell drugs on campus. Hilarity ensues.

Red Dawn: The old movie has been revived and updated. Here you’ll see the rise of Trump and what good Americans do to stop him.

American Idle: This time the reality show involves Americans who have left the workforce. Competition involves who can collect the most government money; who has accrued the largest student loan debts; the interesting things the unemployed do to fill the day; and who has the most inventive use of their parents’ basement living quarters.

Rhodes’ Scholars: Political adviser and former White House staff member and the Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communications for President Obama travels to universities to find the most promising liberal students majoring in Sociology, Psychology, Social Studies and Political Science and find out what they face from the conservative cabals.

Biography series on Famous Black First Ladies: Whoops, there’s only been one so we’ll follow the fascinating shtruggle of Michelle Obama’s life. Expect 26 episodes.

From Russia With Love: The tell all of the women involved in the Golden Showers Steele dossier. If they don’t show up, stand-ins (or lay downs) will substitute in the storyline of a sick, racist real estate developer with political aspirations who takes time out of his busy day to watch women urinate. Not for viewers under 5.

If that doesn’t bring the viewers in, what will?

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