Rogue Garbage Can May Get You Fined

Conservative activist Donna Bohannon sends this information from the city, from an article in the newspaper.

Memphians are not yet realizing how fascist our city government has become. But, once they take statues they don’t like down in the night without citizens’ knowledge, anything can happen can’t it?

These infractions are really an excuse to target and punish anyone they don’t like.

And we wonder how countries begin to get to dictatorships. Read this:

In the C/A by Ryan Poe: Commercial Appeal

“Public Works Director Robert Knecht plans to create an 18-member environmental enforcement team this fall, with special officers split into three squads issuing $50 fine for litter, environmental and commercial property misdemeanor violations….Everybody wants a clean city, right?” They reminisced about Memphis winning awards in the 40’s and 50’s for being the cleanest city in the state and the nation.

The team will target:

Garbage carts left at the curb outside of the required time frame of 6 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.
Improper materials placed in recycling carts**
Illegal dumping
Illegal “set outs,” like belongings of someone being evicted —their belongings not being bagged, and dumped on the curb for more than 72 hours
Hauling of used tires without a permit
Littering by motorists
Commercial vehicles not properly covering loads

** I remember reading a few years ago about garbage men (in a another state or country, I can’t remember) using a device that can scan your recycling cart to determine if there is something not recyclable in it. You will be in trouble if they find something.

Mayor Luttrell has also created a Fight Blight Team of 100 youth who are paid to pick up roadside litter and do neighborhood beautification projects.

The program will cost about $2.1 MM the first year: $1.4 MM for personnel; $215,000 for operations and maintenance, and $473,000 for 20 vehicles.

Fines and fees will cover about 40% of the cost of the team, while the city’s solid waste and stormwater funds will cover the remaining 60%.

Knecht has the authority to appoint special officers to issue citations in lieu of arrest.

Who wants to be the first to suffer the punishment of putting your garbage cart out the night before, as many of us do?

My disappointment in Jim Strickland grows daily.

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