Netflix Strikes Again

If signing up the Obamas to enrich Netflix and push their leftist agenda isn’t enough to anger you…
If giving Michelle Wolfe (of the White House Correspondents Dinner speech) a show on Netflix doesn’t bother you…
If you still think Netflix is OK, but just a little left of center…
Does the third time make an impact? Because Netflix just gave Martin Short a new show, titled “An Evening You Will Forget for the Rest of Your Life.”

The “comedian” from Canada just let loose in an article for the leftist Daily Beast. He condemned both President Trump and his supporters. “I wouldn’t even call it a presidency. It’s an asterisk. It’s a typo,” the Saturday Night live alum said. “I mean, every day it’s worse and 10 years from now the history books will be having a field day with it and the shame of the people who supported him, if they’re still around, in the sense of being in the public eye, will be like the people who supported McCarthy.

“Donald Trump is not the issue, it’s really the people who support him,” Short said, adding, that “There’s nothing credible about Donald Trump.”

He made clear that he doesn’t like conservatives. In 2008 Short made fun of Sarah Palin; in 2012 Mitt Romney. He prefers his own country of Canada; “Canada took steps long ago to become a model for the world. Universal health care — we did that long ago. Sensible gun control policy — again, long ago.”

However, he doesn’t mind working in Hollywood and taking our dollars, does he, and I must say.

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