A Quick Look at Last Night’s Races

Last night was a big primary night for half a dozen states.

“All eyes are on California” newscaster after newscaster said. When you hear that, click off the TV, radio or internet. It doesn’t mean a thing and they are mostly wrong.

Republican turnout looked good last night, discrediting the Dems’ belief that their voters are more driven than ours. Like most liberal ideas, this is a pathetic exaggeration.

In California, a Republican finally got on the gubernatorial ballot. Their system is different from most other states’ – no surprise there – in that the top two vote getters square off, even if they’re in the same party.

Republican John Cox will face Dem/liberal/progressive/communist Gavin Newsom for governor. That indicates that more GOPers will turn out for November races in an effort to get the astronomical gas tax repealed, something Cox has promised. Cox spent $5 million; Newsom $32 million.

Some races will take a few days to figure out as the results may not be in for days. Election officials still must count huge numbers of vote-by-mail and provisional ballots. A printing error in Los Angeles County that left 118,000 voters off the roster caused further trouble.

As for the rest, Legal Insurrection blog writes:

“As of early Wednesday morning, CNN projected that in California’s 49th District, where Rep. Darrell Issa is retiring, one Democrat will advance to the general election, avoiding a shutout for the party.

“CNN projected that Rep. Dana Rohrabacher will advance to the general election in California’s 48th District and former California State Assemblywoman Young Kim will advance in California’s 39th District. It’s unclear who their challengers will be. There is still a possibility Democrats could be locked out in these districts.

“CNN didn’t mention the 10th district, which is another seat the Democrats want to flip. Incumbent Jeff Denham came out on top, but Democrat challenger Josh Harder is barely holding onto second over Republican Ted Howze.

“To the shock of no one, incumbent Sen. Dianne Feinstein coasted to the top of the Senate primary with 43.9% of the vote. HOWEVER!!! It looks like Feinstein may have a Republican challenger in November since James Bradley is barely behind state Senator Kevin de León.”

Stay tuned.

In New Jersey, Democrat Senator Bob Menendez – he of the criminal corruption trial that ended in a hung jury and which our DOJ refused to retry – won his primary, although it was tighter than expected.
He will face Republican Bob Hugin. A recent poll showed Hugin only four points behind, but given that 200,000 more Democrats turned out that GOPers, and that this is New Jersey, this is a tough one.

In Montana, Republican State Auditor Matt Rosendale will take on Jon Tester. The Trump family has made it a goal to take the seat from Tester after he accused Veterans Affairs nominee Randy Jackson of drunkenness.

In Michigan, a ballot initiative could have bad ramifications for the GOP.

The Detroit Free Press reports:

“The Michigan Legislature on Tuesday decided to punt the issue of legalizing marijuana for recreational use to voters to decide in the November election.

“Senate Republicans had wanted to take up and pass the measure so they could amend it and keep it off the Nov. 6 general election ballot. But they deferred to the House of Representatives to see whether Republicans could muster the votes — 55 needed for passage — and they never got close.

“So the House declined to vote on the measure before adjourning Tuesday, kicking it to the November general election ballot. The Senate quickly followed suit. The deadline for the Legislature to take up the issue was midnight Tuesday.”
Legalization of pot is something that drives young voters to the polls and those voters often are deluded enough to vote Democrat.

All in all, Republicans showed energy and turnout, both of which will get energized by Trump, who gets 87% approval among Republicans.

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