Mika’s Dirty ‘Secret’

Every time you think they can’t make up any more stupid, trashy accusations against President Trump, somehow they introduce another.

Listen to the absurd “report” from Mika Brzezkinski:

This is rich – and unbelievable. She knows someone who talked with Trump recently and he said that? Then who is it? I find it hard to believe that someone who’s a friend of Mika’s ever talks to POTUS.

She’s making this up, just as they made up the bit about wife beating, that he’s a bad father or that Barron hates his dad.

The more they do this, the more ridiculous the media looks. Yet they can’t get enough and will keep walking until they fall off the cliff.

Does anyone disagree with Giuliani that a woman who sells her body shouldn’t get respect? What planet do these people inhabit?

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