Report Retort

I believe the IG report – which was stalled in the DOJ for three weeks – underwent a few “revisions” shall we say. The tenor of the whole thing vs. the tenor of the summary don’t jive.

Even before it came out, some in Congress had doubts about it and asked for the original version plus the changes made to it.
This appears a wise move.
Whether they will get it, it’s hard to say. The FBI and DOJ have been stonewalling Congress for more than a year.

The bulk of the report appears to be example after example of bias and wrongdoing in the FBI. The summation, which I’m not sure Inspector General Horowitz wrote, found the opposite conclusion.

That’s all the media needed and when all chirp the same summary, “No political bias” you can bet the word was spread around to say this. Probably headed up by Obama who is not staying in DC for his daughter’s schooling. Rather, he’s HQ for Trump opposition and dissemination and for propaganda.

This “Q” on Twitter who has a lot of followers and appears to know things posted this the day before the release of the report:

On June 11 Q said:

There will be many redactions.
Why was the EO put on ice?
To wait for the release of the ‘Clinton Investigation’ portion of the IG report?
To include in the DECLAS?
Why would it be important to include? (all in one)
Optics are meaningful.
Political hit job narrative.
R’s v D’s.
Not right v wrong.
END OF THE D PARTY [leaders].
Who appointed Huber?
Re_read (again).
Slowly & carefully.

Meanwhile, many people feel like this commentator on a website:

What everyone should fear is that we have a Gestapo-like organization as our highest law enforcement agency in the land – practically all of them are anti-American, Leftist fascists. The idea that they had no problem with Clinton’s PRIVATE Email server and the sending of classified information to every Tom, Dick and Harry, should scare people. Writing 302s After interviews, without recordings – never meet with the FBI without a lawyer. Director Wray’s press conference yesterday was a disgrace. Words are Behavior.

What we say goes to state of mind. It’s who we are, and those same words propel our functioning in our jobs and daily lives.

The IG Report insults the intelligence of the American people. If I met one of those elitist snobs who said what they did about Ohioans, Trump supporters in general, I’d sneer them into oblivion. They have NO idea of the caliber of people we are, our education, our knowledge, our darn Common Sense! I’d rather hang out with Deplorables than any of the trash who think they’re better than us.

If you notice, in the report we aren’t just deplorables anymore; now we’re POS.

The press conference FBI chief Christopher Wray gave yesterday was atrocious. This commentator nails it:

Wray’s attitude in the press event was tone deaf.
The clear evidence of bias is obvious to everyone but the swamp Anacondas and Rock Pythons.
I suppose Wray and company might prove me wrong by cleaning house over the coming weeks and referring bad actors for prosecution.
I just sense a fealty to the agency by the overseers that is counter to the actual corruption. Wray talking about the low turn over rate and the high standards for selection of interns……..just disgusting.
I’ve had more than quite enough, given the systematic failure of the agency with Boston, Mandalay, Pulse, etc. The agents busy themselves with queering an election, and Wray talks about how selective the agency is in its personnel decisions. Nice slither, ass clown.
I know rank and file, they are fine fire arms instructors, but I’ve lost respect, the bias is so obvious. I no longer trust the agency and I don’t see my confidence being restored.
We shall see what Huber does to these bastards and bitches. I am waiting. Maybe some rough criminal prosecutions and lengthy time behind bars will sober these people up. That is to come.
As always, our government’s bureaucratic leadership is riven with self absorption and corruption.
We shall see what Huber does.
Looks to me like a certain Tree needs watering.

Hard to disagree.

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