Immigration Crisis Hits Nextdoor

It finally happened. The immigration crisis issue got on Nextdoor.

It’s not a platform for politics, but hours after a Midtowner put up his rant, it’s still going.

It’s disappointing that so many of the writers don’t understand the situation at all.

Take a look. Here’s the initial post. It was titled “Family’s (sic) should stay together !”

“I’m sure this post may get deleted but trying to approach this in a non political way ! I’ve been living with hate in a big spot in my heart and it’s became so intense lately I don’t think I can take it much longer !😢 people you know that is not me ! Please our leader ! You’ve taken one step in the correct direction for not taking away their babies ! Thank you ❤️🙏🏻 please put the other foot forward and let these parents go to to animal cages you have them in and collect their babies ! If little ole me can figure it out so can you !❤️🙏🏻❤️ please reunite the families now , I beg you ! Everyone please pray for these families ! ❤️😢❤️🙏🏻❤️”

Doesn’t sound non political, does it?

The pictures of animal cages he is referring to were taken under Obama’s reign in 2014. I haven’t seen any pictures of kids shoved into cages recently. Many of them are not babies anyhow and if they were, what kind of parent would risk their lives going across the border in cramped trucks driven by criminals out to make money?

Then, 10,000 of these kids, we are told, are not here with parents. What responsible parent would send them, especially girls, unaccompanied and going through areas where child sex traffickers are able to prey on them? Some of them are gang members.

Besides, many more were kept here during Obama’s tenure. No one seemed to care then, even though there were triple the number in camps.

But facts rarely matter to liberals.

Here are some more samples. Only one seems to understand the situation. The rest are rushing to virtue signal dressed in full Social Justice Warrior armor. They almost trip over one another in outdoing each other.

“Totally agree with you. Unfortunately, the databases are not integrated so that the HHS folks holding the children can ‘talk’ to the Homeland Security and ICE personnel holding the parents. The children are identified only as if they had come into the country unaccompanied by a parent. Unwinding this knot and reuniting families is not going to be as easy as all of us think it should be. I think the toddlers and infants will be the hardest to reunite with parents”

“I’m gonna friend request you on Facebook. It sounds like we think the same but I’m afraid to express my opinions on ND.”

“… the problem is that you are a good, compassionate person. You want everybody to be safe and happy. It’s really hard to understand that not…everybody…does.”
“… if you were to ever read my FB rants, you’d see why I can’t possibly say what I think about this tearing children apart from their families – not on ND anyway. Let’s us just say that while I’m not near the kindhearted man you are, I so agree with your thoughts on this.”

“It’s unfortunate that some people’s lives and safety get labeled ‘political’. It’s just a way to make people stay silent about it. These babies and their families need help and they need justice. All they did was follow exactly what they were supposed to do, and it landed them in trauma. We have got to do better. Does anyone know what we can do to help?”

“ITS SIMPLE send the parents and kids back . military familys (sic) are separated every day”

(Name withheld) “…as an ex-military husband and father, there is no comparison – none.”

(Name withheld) “… children are not ripped screaming from the arms of their distraught military parents without warning. You are comparing apples with oranges.”

“In a military family, one parent stays with the child. Maybe a grandparent if the military parent is single/ widowed. Also a military family has no issue with reunification or communication.”

“(Name withheld) I read every letter in every comment you have on Nextdoor ! I highly regard your opinion and your thought process ! I wish I were half the man you are !!! Truly I do !❤️🙏🏻”

“come over the right way or don’t come at all.. no i d no welfare no food stamps no freebies period”

“They are coming over ‘the right way’. They are asylum seekers. They are legally required to present themselves at the border. That’s what they’re doing. That’s where they’re being detained.”

“Not to mention undocumented people aren’t eligible for most benefits, including food stamps, despite the fact that their taxes contribute to these programs. In fact, white citizens make up the majority of EBT beneficiaries. It’s okay that you didn’t know. But now you do.”

“Name withheld), My Irish and German immigrant parents came in before there were strict sanctions on immigration. Like those crossing the border, they were seeking a better life for themselves and their families. Try living in a poverty stricken village governed by the local drug lord and see if you don’t want to get out.”

“And like those crossing the border, my ancestors’ (sic) dealt with prejudice and those wanting to send them back. They flourished and did well in this country. Their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren became successful business owners and served in the State Legislature. If today’s sanctions were in place back then, their children would have starved to death during Black ’47.”

A lot of misconceptions, eh?
It’s as if these people were American citizens, entitled to rights and not lawbreakers. They know the right way to come here and the wrong way. The wrong way is an invasion and breaks our laws. Are laws made to be ignored or does that tear away the social fabric? One writer insists they are coming the right way. He/she is making up reality.

Then another post says ” All they did was follow exactly what they were supposed to do, and it landed them in trauma.” Again, reality check.

Another writes that “a military family has no issue with reunification or communication.” Really? As when soldiers can’t be reached in far corners of the world during battle? Or how about reunification when a soldier dies? His family never sees him/her again.

As far as benefits, the taxpayers are paying for their housing, food, medical needs and education of some of the children. Many impoverished Americans are not getting that.

Many of our ancestors did not attain citizenship as easily as these people think. My own grandfather earned his by joining the Army in World War I. His path to citizenship, because of the war, cost him most of his eyesight.

The issue is difficult, but it can’t be described or taken care of by emojis. Maybe a check of the facts and reading up on it would provide more insight than they want to take.

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