But Wait! There’s More

British TV networks don’t just propagandize for their side. They constantly stick it to our American president.

They don’t like him and they don’t want their citizens to either.

Even though they have many dire problems on their shores, such as shariah law overtaking British jurisprudence, an immigration situation out of control, unsustainable health costs for the national health service and the evaporation of freedom of speech there (see Tommy Robinson), it doesn’t stop the Beeb from offense. Here are two programs of many they’ve had, via The Telegraph:

Reporting Trump’s First Year: The Fourth Estate

BBC Two, 10.00pm; Scotland, midnight

The documentary about life at The New York Times continues with things looking increasingly tough. In the newsroom, the journalists scrabble to keep up with the challenges of the digital news age, while executive editor Dean Baquet raises the spectre of staff cuts.

What do you think the Old Gray Lady gets in this one? Tea and sympathy most likely.

Then this one:

Inside the American Embassy

Channel 4, 10.00pm

This second episode of the docu-series peeking behind the scenes at the US Embassy in London focuses on visa window staff. They’re the front-line of enforcing Trump’s ban on many Muslim travellers, including, an elderly Iranian grandmother wishing to visit her son.

President Trump visits Britain July 12. Looks like their Teeing it up for a hit.

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